Monday, 19 May 2008

Little George Sueref @ The Troubadour

Last Friday I went to The Troubadour in West London with some friends to check out what the 'last 50s coffee house in Earls Court' had to offer. I'd heard a lot about this venue and with it's amazingly proud history as a 'low temperature centre of courtesy, peace and artistic energy', I was very excited.

The initial vibe was good, great decor, warm atmosphere and apart from the steep drink prices (£3.75 for a bottle of beer - be warned!), I give this intimate venue a thumbs up. We were originally going to grab some dinner in The Cafe area but due to a mix of it being so popular (hard to get a table at 8:30pm on a Friday but where is?) and the prices (bit beyond our miserable pockets but the menu looked good), we gave that a miss and headed straight downstairs to The Club section to grab a drink or two. Initially The Club was pretty empty -this was to be expected with the act for the evening, Little George Sueref not coming on stage until 10pm but the benefit of arriving early was being able to get a good seat. Little George Sueref and his band played an excellent Rhythm and Blues set to a crowd who were loving showing off their swinging dance moves right up in front of the stage. He played a heart wrenching wailing harmonica, sang with soulful vocals and made you feel like you had been transported to 50's/60's Orleans. I can't honestly say I'm any type of R&B connoisseur (past experience being living in a room above a harmonica player who gave me a year long head ache and risked putting me off R&B forever! )but I do recognize a good performance when I hear it and this certainly ticked the boxes.

All the staff at The Troubadour were really pleasant and the crowd which gradually filled up the Club were in good spirits. A few seemed baffled by the mixed sex toilet area separated buy only a 'wash your hands fountain' but that probably had something to do with lots of alcohol etc.

All in all, a good evening and a great place to guarantee you'll actually be able to hear and see the artists/bands on stage, they're pretty much sitting next to you!

Will go back again soon.

For more information about The Troubadour, click here.

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