Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Burial At The Battle Of Land And Sea, Rip Portishead

As promised on Monday, here is the latest Portishead video for the track 'The Rip' taken from their latest album released only a couple of weeks ago 'Third':

Portishead - The Rip

In other news, if you're a fan of Jacob Golden (I'm sure you've all gathered by now that I am!) you may be interested to know about his latest request. I'll let him explain this one in his own words:

We're opening up our East Coast Tour dates for some living room gigs. fun fun. this would be both Jacob Golden and The Battle of Land and Sea... How it works is that we show up at your house/gallery/artspace etc. and play for you and your friends. we ask for a suggested donation at the door and the evening is always memorable and the most direct way of experiencing the music. (way better then a noisy bar!) i've posted the dates (dates are flexible) we need help for below, we're also flexible on the location, say within 100 miles... maybe more, give it a shot:) THE BEST WAY IS EMAIL-"

Please help them do something different.

On a more personal note, I'm off to the filming of Have I Got News For You (UK TV) tomorrow night. Here's a clip of the now newly elected Mayor of London, Boris Johnson chairing one of the past shows. I wonder who they'll have on it tomorrow night.

Trust me, Boris got off lightly there, I could have picked far worse clips.

I'd like to leave you with a nice relaxing piece of music from Burial. While I was looking up this song on imeem, the first hit results were for 'Burial at Sea Services' and 'Funeral Homes'. I can at least say with confidence that their music is very much alive and so am I, hope you are too.

This video is the only way I could share this song called 'Untrue' in it's entirety with you. I strongly recommend treating yourself with some of your hard earned cash to get your own copy of this album (you'll get much better sound quality than this clip and it's worth it), it's also called 'Untrue' and is fantastic, one of my favourites right now.

Burial - Untrue

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Cookiemouse said...

Boris is the living proof that you can make more money being silly!

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