Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Beck And Danger Mouse Premier New Track Online

Yesterday Beck premiered one of his new tracks online from his collaboration with the producer Danger Mouse. The track is called 'Chemtrails' and is being streamed online via Beck's website (which is pretty nifty) and his MySpace page. Apparently Chemtrails is not a new single and according to a statement:

"it showcases Beck and Danger Mouse's shared affection for late '60s psych-pop".

So this I suppose would make this track a taster for Beck's new album (no name yet) produced by Danger Mouse which is due to be released in the Summer.

I like this new track but then I am partial to a little '60's psych-pop. At only 1 min 30 in duration, there really isn't all that much to get into, the track just gets going and then it's over! Still if the rumours regarding Chan " Cat Power" Marshall contributing to Beck's new album are true, I could find myself turning back to the Beck side.

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