Monday, 14 April 2008

Yeasayer On Later With Jools Holland

Bit behind on some news but thought it was worth giving the superb Yeasayer performance on the Later with Jools Holland show a mention. I went to see these guys at the London ICA last month and I love them!

Click here for a link to the Interview of the sound check on the Jools Holland Show and here for the whole show (Think this BBC iplayer link will only work in the UK, sorry folks!)

On the shows website, Yeasayer are described as
"New York indie alternatives Yeasayer blend multi-part harmonies with a smattering of religious chant to create rhapsodic tunes that emanate from the most unlikely looking of 4-pieces. Describing themselves as "Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel", their polyrhythmic bizarreries are gaining them the recognition they deserve this side of the pond."

They sure do and they sure are!

Here is a performance of 2080 (not on Jools Holland)

and here is a really sweet Bodhran accompaniment to the same song (2080) in response to their performance on the Jools Holland show by a you tube performer.

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