Sunday, 20 April 2008

Silent Rave In Union Square, New York

One day I'm going to go to a silent rave.

I've just missed one in Union Square, New York on Friday. Couldn't get there.

Here are some photos from the event posted by ballulah on Flickr.

Ballulah describes the event:

"This was a flashmob style event, all these kids gathered at the south end of Union Square at 6:30...after a countdown they all put their headphones on and had their own private silent raves. Every few minutes or so "the pineapple" would appear and get passed around to the sound of lots of cheering. Beach balls were tossed. Styrofoam was beaten to confetti. Water balloons and/or bottles were tossed upwards. The skaters were very confused. And I swear I heard a kid in raver pants say to his friend, "I have a ton of glowsticks in my pants," and proceeded to pull up his enormous pantleg, and sure enough he had a WHOLE MESS of glowsticks velcroed to his calf. Another guy was singing Foreigner on top of his lungs."

Where you there? Got any good photos, fun experiences you want to share?

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