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Record Store Day - April 19th, 2008

On Saturday, April 19, 2008, hundreds of independently owned music stores across the world will celebrate “Record Store Day.”

On this day, all of these stores will simultaneously link and act as one with the purpose of celebrating the culture and unique place that they occupy both in their local communities and nationally. To check out whether anything is going on at a record store near you, click here.

As an example, Rough Trade East, London (who incidentally have just been awarded the title of Best High Street Retail Store of the Year at the annual Music Week Awards)
have organised quite a day looking something like this:

2.00 - 12.20 / VIRGIN PASSAGES
"This UK sextet are turning heads. They take you on a journey through pastoral chamber-pop, electronica and psych folk without losing their melody."

12.35 - 12.55 / EUGENE MCGUINNESS
"Singer songwriter Eugene McGuinness makes lush pop music which features all manner of iodiosyncratic inflections making traditional troubadour music with a twist."

1.10 - 1.30 / IDLE LOVERS
"The Idle Lovers are a new-wave pop band that make perfectly crafted, urgent, impassioned pop songs."

1.45 - 2.05 / JASON MOLINA
"Famed for being the lynchpin of bands Songs: Ohio and later Magnolia Electric Co, Jason has a massive global fanbase - most of which probably wish they were at Rough Trade East on the 19th."

2.20 - 2.40 / THE METROS
"Jauntily upbeat and infectious with nagging guitar refrain, rolling drums and call-and-response vocals, there's no mistaking these lads are from London."

2.55 - 3.15 / VEILS
"The Veils manage to effortlessly meld progressive urban rock with sprawling folk balladry with magical results."

3.30 - 3.50 / LYKKE LI
"Lykke Li is the latest big news from Sweden with her, raw, intimate and stunning debut album "Youth Novels". The 21 year old also sang on Peter, Bjorn and John's infectious hit "Young Folks""

4.05 - 4.25 / MAKE MODEL
"Make Model is what happens when six Glaswegians have spent too many boozy late nights on each other's sofas listening to records joining the dots between pop, post-rock via no wave and the odd sliver of German electronica."

4.40 - 5.00 / BALTIC FLEET
"The debut album from Baltic Fleet swerves from haunting piano pieces, full of melancholy to driving upbeat kraut inspired propulsive grooves. Early contender for one of Rough Trade's albums of the year."

5.00 - 6.00 / SCHMIDT & KUMO
"DJ set by Irmin Schmidt, founder of the influential experimental rock group Can, and breakbeat pioneer Kumo - playing tracks from their new album Axolotl Eyes (release 14.4.08), exclusive remixes, remastered Can material and gems from the Spoon records archive."

6.00 - 6.40 / BILLY BRAGG
"Billy Bragg is playing at Rough Trade East - nuff said !!!!"

"To bring a great date to a close we leave it in the more than capable hands of the Warp boys. Forever pushing the envelope, these electronic pioneers will take no prisoners."

And over on the other side of the pond, well and a long car ride, Amoeba Records in San Francisco are holding a day that looks something like this so far:

"The political activist, co-founder of record label Alternative Tentacles, and former lead singer and songwriter for seminal punk band Dead Kennedys sits in at Amoeba SF’s Information counter from 4pm – 5pm. Stop by and get some excellent recommendations from this Bay Area legend."

"A-Trak is a producer, artist, DJ/turntablist, and was the winner of the 1997 DMCs World DJ at the age of 15. He also works with Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Kid Sister when he’s not remixing dance music heavyweights such as Boys Noize, SMD, and Digitalism."

Aaron Axelsen (LIVE 105 / Popscene) DJ Set -- 6pm
"Veteran LIVE 105 DJ, creator of long-running club night Popscene, and the man behind B.F.D. DJs from his own personal vault of classics & current gems."

"GET AN AMOEBA $15 GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR FREE!!! - Scion is giving away $15 gift certificates to Amoeba Music! Just stop by the Scion event across the street from Amoeba SF and take a new Scion for a spin; a $15 gift certificate is yours free, no strings attached! Zooom!

Purchase any new or used item at any Amoeba location & receive a FREE gift bag loaded with CD samplers, buttons, stickers and other cool items from your favorite record labels and artists, while supplies last!

Pick up some exclusive Record Store Day Vinyl from Death Cab for Cutie, REM, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Black Keys, Vampire Weekend & loads more!"

"I buy CDs all the time. I'll go into a record store and just buy $500 worth of CDs. I will! I am singlehandedly supporting what's left of the record business.

I hate to see record stores disappear, and I'm old-school in that I think you should pay for your music. But what my kids do is download a lot of things, pay for them, and then if they love something, they'll get the CD. That may be the future.”

Bruce Springsteen (The Boss)

"Yes, yes, I know. It's easier to download music, and probably cheaper. But what's playing on your favourite download store when you walk into it?

Nothing, that's what. Who are you going to meet in there? Nobody. Where are the notice boards offering flatshares and vacant slots in bands destined for superstardom? Who's going to tell you to stop listening to that and start listening to this? Go ahead and save yourself a couple of quid. The saving will cost you a career, a set of cool friends, musical taste and, eventually, your soul. Record stores can't save your life. But they can give you a better one."

Nick Hornby (Author, High Fidelity, Slam)

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