Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Radiohead All I Need Used In End Exploitation Campaign

Radiohead has partnered with MTV's EXIT (end exploitation and trafficking) campaign to create a clip that raises awareness of issues of forced labor and abuse around the world using the song from In Rainbows, "All I Need".

The Hollywood Reporter (via reports that Thom Yorke lauded MTV for taking on such issues, given the fact that the network's hands aren't exactly clean. He said, "All power to MTV for taking this on because it's obviously going to be difficult for them in terms of the advertisers. If you talk about slave labor, then the issue of cheap goods from the East is all about that. With the ["All I Need"] video their lawyers had to beg to make sure there wasn't a single white [sneaker] with a logo on it because the implication would be a little too close. But the implication is still there. If [MTV] are able to break the taboo of enslavement and put it onto the agenda then its a good thing. If they get people to think in terms of the profits we make in the West because of cheap labor, then that's a good thing." reports that the video was directed by John Seale and Steve Rogers. It was apparently supposed to premiere May 1 on MTV, but it looks like The Hollywood Reporter's website is one step ahead.

I recently visited China and was absolutely horrified to see the difference in the price of goods we buy in the UK compared to how much they are sold for in China. There are plenty of people making a literally a killing, vamping up the price of goods to sell to the West and really, it's disgraceful. There are a few shops I will never shop in again following this trip.

[Source: Pitchfork]

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