Saturday, 29 March 2008

Doc Cave and The Superimposers

On the day Australian singer-songwriter and former Birthday Party frontman Nick Cave was awarded an honorary PhD from his old university, trying to update my blog has proved difficult but I do hope to write a proper update tomorrow. My reason? Me, my husband and my trusted tiny eee pc have just flown for 12 hours to Hong Kong and I haven't slept much. Please stop by for more info soon...


btw If you're in London this weekend and looking for a gig, why not try The Superimposers at The Harrison pub on Harrison Street for 'In the Pines' on Sunday -tickets £3 from and for more info try

Also, the Rough Trade Album club present The Superimposers live this coming Monday 31st @ The Social on Little Portland Street -for more info and to get yourself on the guest list email

The Superimposers - Heavy Sigh

The Superimposers - Would It Be Impossible

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