Monday, 10 March 2008

Album Of The Month -Matthew Dear - ASA Breed Black Edition

The release of Asa Breed Black Edition from Matthew Dear makes me very excited! Listeners will be able to re-discover one of 2007's most unique releases re-packaged to include remixes and re-envisionings from Four Tet and Hot Chip, with whom Dear will be touring the UK in February.
This album is the ultimate in head phone pleasure! Thanks to Nic from (a dog barks) for the tip off.

Here's a little taster of the Hot Chip re-mix Don and Sherri:

ASA Breed Black Edition:

1. Fleece on Brain
2. Neighborhoods
3. Deserter
4. Shy
5. Elementary Lover feat. Mobius Band
6. Don and Sherri
7. Will Gravity Win Tonight?
8. Pom Pom
9. Death to Feelers
10. Give Me More
11. Midnight Lovers
12. Good to Be Alive
13. Vine to Vine
14. Deserter (Four Tet Remix)
15. Don and Sherri (Hot Chip Version)
16. You Know What I Would Do (“Deserter” EP Exclusive)
17. Down On You (Digital Version Exclusive)
Extra: Don and Sherri (Video)

ASA Breed Black Edition is already available in the UK and Europe and will be released in the US tomorrow (March 11th). If you'd like to hear a few more songs before you buy this album, I'm uploading some tracks to Imeem-I'll pop back later and post a link.

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