Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Marky Ramone Condoms - Hey Ho Let's Go!

Yep- you heard me right!

Marky Ramone has teamed up with safe sex education company Ready two Go to offer a series of safer sex kits and to promote the ultra hip way to get your thang on without getting lots of nasty diseases. Brilliant idea!

Check these out, they come in black or silver:

On the Ready two Go website they describe the tin as "our 2nd smallest tin; still discreetly fitting in your pocket to Rock Out in style."

So what's in the kit? You get 2 LifeStyles Ultra Form Fitting Lubricated Condoms, 1 3ml Sensual Lubrication and an STD Resource Card. Not only that, your tin can be doubled up to store "Coins, Pills, Cigarettes, Stash, Mints, Gum", hell these little tins could quite possibly save the world!!

So where can all you sex kittens get your paws on one of these? Try here on the Ready two Go website.

They are costing $4.95 (US) $4.98 (CAN) £2.54 (UK) and 3.38 Euros (Europe).

10% of the net proceeds from the sale of this tin are used to sponsor CitiWide Harm Reduction.

Also as a way of saying thanks for helping beat unsafe sex Ready two Go are offering every 1,000th tin comes with a free pair of Marky Ramone Signature Vic Firth Drum Sticks! There's a 20% discount if you buy 4 or more.

Here's a blast of The Ramones to get you Tuesday going.

As stated on Pitchfork:

Warning: The use of Marky Ramone condoms may result in an increase in speed and an endurance time of two minutes or less.

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