Monday, 18 February 2008

Malakai's Simple Song

I'm really enjoying the sound of Malakai. How can I describe it, Bristol dub roots with a mixture of crazyiness, a 60's, 70's sound -I can even hear a slight Lenny Kravitz flavour (only the good bits though) supporting the distinctive vocals provided by singer Gee . To be honest, I can't quite put my finger on their sound right now but I will be back with more about these guys, they're too good to forget!

Here's an interview with Malakai from

Wonder why I'm making a noise about this band? Check out their MySpace page and listen to Simple Song, The Story of Malakai and Another Sun. Simple Song makes chills run down my spine-it's so good!

At present, the back catalogue only consists of two singles: Fading World and EP1 both released last year but according to their MySpace page, they will hopefully be bringing a new album out in April this year.

Really refreshing music. Can't wait to catch them live-when are you coming to London guys?

Share my thoughts on Malakai? Disagree? Leave a comment and get yourself heard.


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