Thursday, 7 February 2008

Kurt Cobain Film 'About A Son' UK DVD Release Date

After much sifting around through the Internet I have finally found the UK release date for the film about the late Kurt Cobain About A Son on DVD.

The US release date is February 19th.

Rotten Tomatoes is currently giving it a 74% rating which is pretty decent.

Here's the synopsis by Rotten Tomatoes:

"An intimate and moving meditation on the late musician and artist Kurt Cobain, based on more than 25 hours of previously unheard audiotaped interviews conducted with Cobain by noted music ournalist Michael Azerrad for his book "Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana." In the film, Kurt Cobain recounts his own life - from his childhood and adolescence to his days of musical discovery and later dealings with explosive fame - and offers often piercing insights into his life, music, and times. The conversations heard in the film have never before been made public and they reveal a highly personal portrait of an artist much discussed but not particularly well understood."

One to pop in the diary if you're a Nirvana fan.

Here's a little blast from past in the form of Lithium:

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