Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Jacob Golden needs no drums

I've been trying to not like Jacob Golden because I liked his music the moment I heard it. Does what I just said make any sense? Ever get that feeling if you like a song instantly, there's a good chance you're going to grow sick of it really soon? I get that a lot with this music stuff, it makes me feel vulnerable to saying stupid things like "I like Vampire Weekend".

So Jacob Golden entered my life a week ago in the form of this video Out Come The Wolves from his album Revenge Songs.

I can't actually pretend to understand what he's actually singing about on times in this song with lyrics such as:

"Out come the wolves

The hunting of our great American Idols

But the ants will march until their queen has come

Goddamn, downtown, James Brown

What’s taken you so long?

Your kids are starving"

Since then I've been trying to shake the urge to hear him again and I simply can't! The other tracks on Revenge Songs are equally atmospheric, I feel like he's in my living room singing to me, it's personal. I like the way he sings in accent, almost a little Michael Stipe-esk in that respect but easier on the ear mixed with some Simon and Garfunkel flavour. The sudden bursts of racing energy injected into his songs provided by just an acoustic guitar and vocals (no drums) and a great big dollop of Californian sunshine. Hope you haven't lost me in that description. What I'm trying to say but tripping over my tongue in doing so is go out and buy this album! It's truly lovely and haunting and deserves to be heard. I can't wait to catch this guy when he comes over to the UK next.

If you're in the US, here are some dates for the diary:

13 Mar 2008 20:00 Club Deville SXSW BMI Showcase Austin, Texas
15 Mar 2008 15:00 Momo’s - SXSW with David Ford and others! Austin, Texas
15 Mar 2008 20:00 St. David’s Church with Jim James of My Morning Jacket Austin, Texas

For more information about Jacob Golden try myspace and his website.

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