Wednesday, 13 February 2008

"I Don't Want Your Money Honey I Want Your Love"

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and as we think about sending cards, getting ripped off in crappy restaurants and for the die hard romantics amongst us, just doing what you do normally because you don't need a special day in the year to say you love each other, I thought I should choose a couple of classic songs about the big L.

First up she doesn't want your money honey, she wants your love! It's Tranvision Vamp and the sexy Wendy James. Forget those over priced restaurants, flowers and chocs -ummm OK leave out the chocolate, I NEVER turn down chocolate - oh husband?!

Next, an alternative Valentine's Song from Roxy Music-In Every Dream Home A Heartache (which is actually about doing it with a blow up doll!)

Here's Arcade Fire with Crown Of Love - a song about breaking up.

Wow, I'm exhausted after that last track there - I think I need something a little more lighthearted- this my favorite Bob Marley track - Could you be loved, enjoy!

Hopefully there was something in there for everyone no matter where you're at.

Now Terrible Love Songs wouldn't be Terrible Love Songs without a well, a Terrible Love Song.
To end this post I'm bringing you a true classic TLS, Michael Bolton with How Am I Supposed To Live Without You. Arghhhh!!! Easily Michael!

Looking for things to do tomorrow? I noticed there is a night on at The Old Blue Post called My Ex-Boyfriends Records where "Scorned female DJs will be spinning eclectic, alternative records stolen from their ex-boyfriends' alongside sets from Maximo Park and Good Shoes DJs." And there's a kissing booth in Selfridges in London. If you really must you can dress up in one of Selfridges' Victorian costumes and get your photograph taken kissing your loved one.

My next post might not be for a few days but I will be back I promise.

Peace and Love man.

Happy Valentines Day



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