Saturday, 9 February 2008

Glastonbury Giants Line Up

Lets see how the Glastonbury line up is looking so far:

Jay Z

Leonard Cohen
I had previously announced that Leonard is back but Glasto is the first gig he has announced. I guess when you're Leonard Cohen you can do this kind of a come back!

Hot Chip
No surprise there!

Neil Diamond

British Sea Power
These Brighton Rockers were on Jools Holland's show last night-wasn't very enamoured by their live performance.

Kings of Leon

The Verve

Not a bad looking lineup so far, definitely varied!

Need help or got questions on getting tickets for Glastonbury? Here's the link to the Official Glastonbury Ticket Registration Site

Anyone twelve or under on June 25th 2008 does not need a ticket and therefore need not register

Remember The Waterboys and their Glastonbury Song?

"Any day now the Sun's gonna rise..." Hope so!

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