Monday, 25 February 2008

Fans Riot At Akon Appearance In Shopping Mall

Does this headline make sense to you? I do confess to not really knowing much about Akons' overall contribution to music but when I hear a song like this...

...first the song makes me feel a bit queasy and second, I really find it difficult to believe the following report from the NME website:

"...Akon was at the centre of another controversy on Wednesday (February 20) when fans rioted during an appearance by him at a Danish shopping mall.

The fans became disgruntled at being evacuated from the show due to a fire alarm.

The show was held at the Fields Shopping Mall in Copenhagen, which holds around 1,000 people but 2,000 showed up.

When the fire alarm sounded, police ushered the cr
owd out of the
shopping centre, prompting the crowd to revolt and to throw bottles and rocks at the police. Several injuries were reported but none serious.

The fire alert was a false alarm."

It seems the little kid in the video is one of Akon's better behaved fans!

What on earth happened here? Was Sunny D promoting the event? And tell me where do you find rocks in a shopping mall?!

Were you there? Would you own up to having been there? Is this your local shopping mall? Did all this really happen?


lujk said...

aww, there is nobody commenting on your posts!
I thought I'd excite you with a comment... I just hope I don't dash your hopes far too badly with this lame comment so...:

chalky said...

Hey lujk, thanks for dropping by!

Interesting video!
Have you seen this one?


Cookiemouse said...

That poor kid in the video! It looks like child labour, having to sing along like that. Well it gets my vote as a "Terrible Love Song."

chalky said...

Ha ha!

Sorry no blogs for a bit-up North looking after my dad who's in hospital so it's hard to make the time

Cookiemouse said...

Hope your dad gets better soon.

chalky said...

thanks cookie mouse-dad survived his op and is on the mend so jamesons all round tonight :-)

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