Saturday, 9 February 2008

David Jordan Is Following Me EVERYWHERE I Go!

I first heard David Jordan on my car radio when I was unlucky enough to be stuck in traffic in the Feltham suburb of West London. As some of you may know, being stuck in Feltham isn't a particularly lusted after situation but since that day, my life has been haunted by David Jordan's new 'song' Sun Goes Down, to say it straight, the song is following me! I hear it whenever I turn on my radio, in shops and today was more than I could cope with. Picture me standing in Currys (UK Electronics Retail Store) looking through the set top boxes, I turn around and this is what I see...

...not just one but at least 17 TVs showing THAT BLOODY SONG! What have I done to deserve this? It's just awful!

If you haven't heard it, congrats! If you REALLY HAVE TO hear what it sounds like, here it is:


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