Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Radiohead - In Rainbows

A refreshing album from Radiohead - I remember the 'self loathing days' of creep as a teenager and am so happy to see these guys still making music but different music. I was a little apprehensive before I downloaded this album and paid what I could afford for it. There used to be a guy who lived in the flat upstairs from us and he used to play A LOT of Radiohead's old stuff repeatedly at volume and we just felt like we could never listen to it again after that-it made us depressed! Well we've moved flats to down the road and this album is great so Radiohead, I welcome you back into my collection and onto my play list.

The thing about In Rainbows is if I had just picked this up and didn't know them from before, I could imagine they could sound like an exciting new band. I love the drum and bass style rhythms supporting this album on songs like 15 step. Tom Yorke's voice has matured to suit what they're doing here perfectly. Would love to see these guys on tour with this album. The haunting sounds of Nude, the tenderness and well orchestrated notes of Faust Arp. Jigsaw falling into pieces, 15 step and Reckoner are the three obvious single chart pleasers but I can't say this is an album of chart songs and album tracks, it's 10 very good songs in their own right and there's nothing cheap about it.

Radiohead, well done. You've made the kind of album that makes me wish a owned a really good sound system in a wood cabin in the snowy hills with an open fireplace with snug blankets that I could lie under and stay there to just listen to the music.


Here's some feedback from the diehards


Den said...

"Terrible Love Songs", huh? I love the new In Rainbows album as well and I will definitely get the CD when it comes out. How much did you pay for it?

Den said...

Also I'd like to invite you to comment on this blog post of mine. Cheers.

chalky said...

Hey Den,

Thanks for dropping by.

I paid £4 for the album. Apparently 62 per cent of fans didn't pay anything for it and the average was £2.90 :-)

Did you download it?


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