Thursday, 17 January 2008

Have you heard of Duffy yet?

Hailing from a small town called Nefyn (population roughly 2500) on the beautiful Llyn Penisula (the bit that sticks out at the top on the left hand side) of North Wales, Duffy is beginning to be a name I'm hearing more often. Her first language is Welsh (very typical for the Llyn Penisula)and her second language (which she sings in) English.

Duffy's myspace page sites her influences as "Things Orchestral and Classic, weird and wonderful. Blues, Stax and Motown. Nostalgia..." and she thinks she sounds like well..."Duffy"-I think that's a fair comment. I would say she definitely has an air of Motown about her, very apparent in her new single Mercy (release date of February 25th). Some one described her in a comment on youtube as a "female Otis".

In an interview with The Times, Duffy talks about her childhood, her influences and how she got her break.
On hearing one of her demos, Jeanette Lee (now her manager) is quoted as having described Duffy as "a breath of fresh air.” With the thumbs up from Geoff Travis (Rough Trade), a new single about to be released (will post the vid in a sec) off a soon to be released album titled Rockferry (release date March 3rd) and an almost sold out tour already, I wonder if 2008 is going to be Duffy's year?

Would be interested to know what you think, please feel free to post comments.
Vid coming next.


Another link to another Duffy interview at Channel 4
and her Myspace blog.
Also check out Duffys website for a free download of Breaking My Own Heart

*Quotes Sourced from The Times Online and MySpace

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